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We need Asian indie films, too: While Hollywood struggles to catch up, let’s praise these stand-out Asian-American movies

We’re coming up on Oscar season, which I usually sit out because I’m the kind of jerk who likes to mouth off about how meaningless and arbitrary and unimportant awards are–generally because when I do find out about the awards I almost always become irrationally angry at how wrong the judgment of the Academy is.

I’m always frustrated by the relative anonymity of “the Academy” and in general of juries who give out awards, wanting to yell at the TV “Who the hell are you to judge?” The rejoinder that whoever they are, they’re all industry professionals with impressive professional accomplishments in the world of film, never really takes the sting out of watching “Crash” beat “Brokeback Mountain” or “Dances with Wolves” beat anything.

Which is why, back in August, I found myself in the uncomfortable position of being upgraded from random Internet gadfly grumbling how juries are uniformly staffed by out-of-touch douchebags to myself becoming, as David Foster Wallace, echoing George W. Bush, put it, a “Decider.”

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