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Why Is The Media Continuing To Sell Out Victims Of Abuse?

One of the hardest things—probably the hardest thing—about seeing your world blow up and “go viral” when you become the center of some kind of newsworthy “controversy” is the lesson that there are no “good guys” in the world—not really.

There are good people, yes, people with good values and good intentions who do good things. But there’s no unified front of “the good guys” embodied in any institution—not the government, not any advocacy or protest organization, not any political party, and certainly not the press.

Others have written about what is and is not helpful when trying to help victims of abuse online. The problem is, again and again, that incentives put people at cross-purposes. “Raising awareness” is an important long-term goal in keeping people from being abused overall, yes—but individual victims of abuse mostly want awareness decreased, they want the hypervisibility they live under to stop. Raising money, raising votes, building organizations—these are all valuable goals, but they come at the very real cost of the ability of people who actually live within these “newsworthy” controversies to live in peace.

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